Defining What Custom Writing and How it Can Benefit a Business

Custom writing is the process of writing about a specific topic. Custom writers typically use key words that help writing posts come up higher in online search rankings. Custom writing content can also be used for print publications, social media, internet, etc. Custom writing is available in scholarly format- MLA / APA / Harvard / Chicago / Turabian citation styles as well.

iPresence Business featured an article about four benefits businesses must enjoy when hiring a custom writing service.

The four benefits of hiring a custom writing service are:

“Experience and Expertise in Quality Content Writing-

When you hire “article for sale” services, you can depend on their skills and knowledge. Since it is their business, they are cut-out in writing content for your website or blogs. Depending on your demands and needs, you can discuss your requirements with the service provider’s customer service representative. [Sic] Ask if your service provider can write blogs, articles, press releases, e-books and others. Ask the custom writing service provider for their recommendations.”

Search engine  (SEO) Optimized Content

As you know, you will need traffic to rank high on search engine results. You may benefit from the content provider’s knowledge of SEO. Eventually, it will help you get higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), which in turn allow you to become more visible online.

Bulk Order Discount

Some content providers offer a handsome amount of discount for bulk orders. Some give free articles if your order exceeds a certain amount. Many of them can offer discounts especially on regular and big projects.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Another advantage of hiring content farms is their round-the-clock customer service. Many of them have a response time of three to four hours upon receipt of your quote request or order. Ask around for recommendations. Stay away from providers who have a very low response rate. Embrace the ones who get back to you in a snap of a finger. You can depend on a provider with a high response rate especially when you’re in a rush. “

At Copywriter Today, we offer our customers these same benefits. We can complete any type of writing that you need. Social media updates, sales letters, newsletters, blog posts, you name it, and we can write it. Contact us for help with your writing needs today!

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Content writers

Content writers are individuals that specialize in writing editorial content for websites. Every site has different needs/audiences that require a different type and level of information. Content writers provide content that should contain (key words) and attract and retain users to that site (Search engine optimization).

Key words help businesses come up in search engines which drive customers to their respective websites. This in turn helps improve their businesses bottom line.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which others find your website by search engines. To achieve this objective, you can use the services of SEO content writers. A SEO content writer is a specialist who writes educational web content in a way that interested parties can easily find your website when using search engines like Google and Yahoo.

If you want to move your business to the next level, but you don’t have money to hire a full time marketing person, you can use the services of SEO content writers. An experienced writer will optimize your website so potential customers who search for goods and services like yours, can obtain the information they are looking for. Doing this improves your bottom line. Hiring a web content writer is easier and cheaper than hiring an employee, because they just work on your website for a specified period without the need for a physical person. And you can work with content writers/SEO writers for as little or as long as you feel you need them.

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In their position, search engines capture the keywords while indexing your business website. In this regard, web content writer ensures that in every 500 words used in your web content, a certain percentage of the keywords. If your web-page keyword density is over or above the required limit, the search engines may unfavorably rate your web content. In such a situation, writer’s services are important because of their knowledge on keywords and their density to be used in your web content.

Good SEO content writers will use keywords in the title, meta descriptions and headers (h1 tags) to make it easier for you to be found. They will also help you write blogs, white papers and effective call to action phrases using keywords. Blogs are the key to driving traffic to your website. When blogs are informative and helpful, others take notice and will link to your blog or website which will help your page ranking improve.


How to Start Article Writing

Knowing and understanding your audience needs, is a critical aspect for a content writer. Style, is a word of today that has a variety of connotations, but in the case of article writing it relates to the type of language that will enhance your work and attract the audience segment you are writing for. In other words, is your work directed at a formal, informal, a “yuppie” socially-oriented chatty audience, or a subtle mixture to attract all!

Practically everyone at one stage of their life or another will in some form be involved in article writing. It could be during those important years at school, college or beyond, but in any event, it will generally be related to providing an argument, persuasion or to inform your audience. However, any type of content writing must attract the interest of the reader, stimulate them and be supported with excellent grammar and spelling.

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Whatever style you choose, ensure your designed custom writing is communicated to the audience and not pounded into them. Put yourself in the place of your readers and consider what you would expect to see and gain from your particular content. Should there be subtle, clever or humorous headlines, sub-headings to help identify and clarify different aspects, bullet points for emphasis, images or various other reading aids.

Communicating with your reader by way of the written word is a natural gift for some and a developed talent for others. Your reader, like you, is waiting for inspiration, approval and someone who understands their emotions and attitudes. As a movie actor can use their visual impact to enhance a story, you as a content writer must utilize your knowledge, research and natural awareness to give your message.

You have in various ways, been given the powers of influence, but unless you make an impact and grab the attention of a reader from the beginning, you could lose them, with a droning monologue soon having the audience running for the nearest television. As a content writer you want to gain maximum attention from as few words as possible; therefore, keep your sentences short or mixed and where possible, limit the number of lines in paragraphs. Quality construction and writing rather than quantity, is the goal!

First, determine the most important and interesting factors of your article and give them priority, leaving the less crucial aspects and finer details for later insertion. Concentrate on gaining the trust of your readers, by being natural, authentic and sincere.

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